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... but it has to taste great too! 

I believe a cake should be equally beautiful and delicious. Each client recieves a personalized tasting to decide cake, filling, and icing. I'll suggest up to four combinations for you to try, mix and match. 

.... so you can celebrate!!

I am here to help you celebrate with birthday, baby shower, engagement, bridal shower, anniversary, wedding or specialty cakes!


So get your camera ready, and save room for dessert!!

It starts with a design..... 

All of my cakes, just like all my clients, are unique. I take the time to ensure your cake represents your individualism and creativity. We will work together to create a beautiful design for your big event. Or, if you are requesting a specialty cake, just bring in a photo and we can discuss replicating that design to your specifications!

I'll take care of the rest...

Once you choose your design, cake, filling,and icing, leave the rest to me! You'll love the way your cake looks and tastes! Afterall, you chose it! 


I love designing different cakes and creating different unique flavor combinations. I would say the most rewarding part for me is creating a piece of edible art that can put a smile on peoples faces. If you have any questions, just ask! I am happy to chat with you over email or telephone to discuss any event you may have!   

~ Elizabeth 

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